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I was nine years old. I had just been blindsided by a medical diagnosis that would change my life forever. I learned that I had a rare heart condition which soon worsened, causing organ failure. By eleven, my family and I faced the unthinkable: I would need a kidney and  heart transplant. Through my weakened physical state and disease  I was introduced to the complex world of having a hidden disability and the many challenges associated with my new identity.

 I became inspired me to use my second chance at life to give back to my community through advocacy—But my health challenges didn't stop there. Nearly a decade after my first near death experience I was diagnosed with cancer. Subsequently, I became a wheelchair user. Like most people, I thought "This will never happen to me.”

But it did. Living with a visible disability meant I was subject to unequal treatment not just from racist or ableist prejudices, but by laws and institutions. I was motivated to become a disability rights activist because I believe we are more than just our disabilities; we are people first who deserve all the freedoms afforded to the the able-bodied. Whether it’s been for equal rights or my very own life, I have always been a fighter. Now, join me in fighting for a better America.


Political Commentator, Double Transplant Survivor, and Dark Horse.


Ola graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a bachelor’s degree in government and politics. As a student, she founded two nonprofits, the Sacred Hearts Children’s Transplant Foundation and Project ASCEND.  These organizations provide college scholarships to low-income students, funding for women's education programs, and distributes teddy bears and books to children awaiting organ transplants across the United States.    


As a public speaker, she has worked with MoveOn.org, Planned Parenthood, and Healthcare Voter. Her advocacy topics include  equal access to affordable healthcare and opposing the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). A young political powerhouse herself, Ola has given speeches alongside politicos such as House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator Cory Booker, House Majority Whip Steny Hoyer, Senator Menendez, and more.  As a political commentator, she has frequently appeared on PBS and Democracy Now to fight for the rights of women, people of color, and the disabled.



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Ola and her advocacy work have been praised by The Clinton Global Initiative, MTV, Intel, Glamour Magazine, and The Huffington Post.  Her writing has also been published by CNN, The Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Glamour, and SELF. In addition, she has served on boards for nonprofits founded by General Colin Powell and musician Lady Gaga. Ola is available for bookings as a writer, speaker, and consultant, specializing in the intersections of gender, race, and disability.


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